Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Why you should hate everything

So, why should you hate everything?

Because you will always be right.. eventually!

We live in a world that has two major foundations(among others). The first being it is always easier to disprove something than to prove something. Second, it is better to be the person who was wrong at first, then eventually proven correct, then the person who was correct initially, then proven wrong later.

So, if you want to always be "right", you must hate everything.

Some examples.

1. Java. When Java first came out, it was all hyped up to be the next great thing, everyone was excited, etc. I myself, found it be very cumbersome, extremely boring, and of little use to me, therefore I hated it. I paid the price at first, I was ridiculed and scolded about all the benefits of Java and so on, but now finally, the tables have turned, and people see what Java really is: an excuse to kill yourself.

2. Iraq War. When the war first started, Bush had the highest approval ratings and public support was almost a complete majority. Friends and family of mine even supported the cause. I again, was against it. I just couldn't synthesize how a struggling impoverished nation would be able to do much harm to anyone else besides itself. Well, again the tides have turn and the support for war is disappearing daily and people finally see what the war really is: an excuse to kill yourself.

3. Science. Every day new discoveries are made that prove old discoveries to be untrue or not useful, from the orbit of planets to atomic bombs, we have been wrong several times in the past to get to where we are today. People now realize what scientific exploration and research really is: an excuse to kill yourself.

I could go on and on with many other examples, but the point sticks, almost everything you know will be hated one way or another, it is just natural progression. There is a 99.9% chance that if you hate something now in the face of the majority adverse opinion, you will eventually be the one who is proven correct, and all of them incorrect, how great is that!

Some things you should immediately start hating.

1. String theory
2. Linux
3. People

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