Sunday, May 14, 2006

Why I choose Windowmaker

For a very long time, I used Linux, just because it wasn't Windows. There were two things that made me actually enjoy Linux, so much so, that I feel deprived when I can't use a Linux machine(such as at work).

What were those two things? The first was Gentoo. I won't go into a rant about which distro is best, but Gentoo has worked for me very well.

The second reason, was Windowmaker. I had tried many other desktops, never thinking about Windowmaker, since it looks so ugly and useless. Finally, after getting tired of using Gnome and KDE and using g-this and k-that type of apps, I gave Windowmaker a try.

I was completely astonished. My productivity increased almost instantly. The speed in which you can switch desktops and maneuver to different apps all with just the middle button is a reason to use Windowmaker in of itself. I also enjoy the right click menu. Instead of having this fancy start menu and everything else that clogs most desktops, I have the full desktop to myself, and apps are only a right-click away.

I know I might not have the fanciest, latest gizmos like transparency, but is your amnesia really so bad that you forget what your background looks like behind your terminal?

Give Windowmaker a try, you may just like it.


nareshov said...

It simply rocks.

Just "F11" and "F12" are enough for me :)

Anonymous said...

Which you can remap to the two useless "Windoze" keys on most keyboards.