Sunday, November 12, 2006

gNuisance (aka gNewSense)

Very recently the FSF announced a new Free GNU/Linux distro gNuisance. I fully support any and all free software and wish them the best of luck, but I feel their choice of basing gNuisance off of Ubuntu is a poor choice. Right now if you want to use a free GNU/Linux distro, your options are limited, and most of them aren't very fulfilling. That is why I think, instead of branching off of a distro that was branched off of another distro is a bad idea. Other people have already tried this, and it seems that the problems of the original distro(s) holds the new free distro back from its full potential.

It is time all of us free software lovers got together and really start a free "Nu" GNU/Linux distro from scratch. This will allow us to make choices based on what is best for freedom. It also allows us to make the best possible distro out there, so people won't use it just because it is free, but because it is good and they just plain want to use it!

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